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iconz plz? [Jun. 7th, 2007|10:38 pm]
Fans Of Adam Sessler
Hello all. This community looks right up my alley. I don't get G4 on tv, but watch the X-Play podcasts, which kinda suck, because they cut out the banter and just show reviews. But benefit: X-Play Musical, and funny reviews like Crazy Adams Discount Games are at my disposal.

I came here in search of X-Play: the Musical icons. Anyone seen any good ones around? This one here is my best effort, but frankly I'm not that great at icons. (This one turned out okay because I didn't need to worry about the background. Its just a crop and resize in GIMP, and since I can't figure out how to move text layers in GIMP, it's kinda spaced where it lies. I've pretty much just got MS Paint skills, but I try using GIMP under the theory the image will look better with it's resizing and fonts.)